Vignette: Tired

The working year will end at about 1500 on Friday, and I can’t wait for it. There have been many, many days this year when all I can think about is when I’ll next be able to go to sleep, and today is just another one of them. At 3 o’clock this afternoon I’ll be able to sleep again, yippeeeee.

Today is going to be a good day, that said: I’ve got half a dozen shoulders of lamb (épaules d’agneau) waiting for me to de-bone in the cold room right now, so that’ll be fun; we will also be turning some of the veg for tomorrow as well (group of about 30 for lunch).

Late night last night, but not as late as some recently; we had two 1 ams in the past 10 days, and it’s VERY hard getting up the next day after one of those; a real case of not believing the time when the alarm sounds.

But like the lamb shoulders today I’m doing more and more cool prep work. For yesterday’s group of 25 I got to butcher the faux filets – de-fatting, ne-nerving, cutting and then stringing them up into portions, which was cool indeed.

I do love this job. But I do need a break, and can’t wait for Friday as I say; then we’re back for one day on January 3, then four more from the 9 to 13, then closed for a month. I’m planning to sleep for my holidays this year.


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