Recipe: Fish stock

Unlike veal or beef stock, fish stock needs hardly any cooking. Even less than chicken stock in fact, and that only takes an hour.


600 grammes fish bones – flat fish are great (sole, turbot), also cod, halibut, that sort of thing. Don’t use bones from oily fish like salmon or mackerel – they make oily stock, which you don’t want at all.

150 grammes mixed diced carrots, onions, bits of mushrooms, herb stalks for a Garniture Aromatique (GA)

1 litre water

100 ml white wine

A splash of Noilly Prat or some other vermouth.

Cracked pepper


Break up the carcasses a bit and leave them in a bowl under running water until you’ve removed any blood. Rinse thoroughly. Simmer your GA in a little butter, add the fish bones and sweat them for a few minutes. Cover with the water and the (optional) alcohol.

Bring it to a boil and allow it to simmer VERY gently for 20-25 minutes, skimming off the scum from the surface regularly. Add the pepper a few minutes before the end.

Pass through a fine sieve or muslin cloth, cool quickly.

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