Miam, as they say in French

The cooking is really simple; all the complicated bit is done by the farmer who raises your rib, the butcher who chooses, ages and cuts it and then you who buy the right one.



Colouring your rib of beef.

Once you’ve done the hard bit, fry off your rib of beef just to colour it – the outside looks lovely, the inside remains essentially raw. This will take about four or five minutes. Top tip: wipe the surface of the meat to get it as dry as possible; if you leave it moist this will produce steam and stop it attaining maximum heat to produce the essential Maillard Reactions. Second tip: salt the surface of the meat with fine (table) salt just before putting it in the pan; if you salt it before it’ll draw moisture out of the meat, and if you don’t salt it it won’t taste as good.

Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat to maximum, since you’ll be paying close attention to it and not letting it burn.


After colouring, cooking in the oven and resting.

Once the rib is browned, put it into the oven at 180°C for, well, as short a time as you dare really; the one you see here had 7 minutes to come out ‘saignant’, rare. 12 minutes will give you medium. 3 hours and it’s ready for my dad.

It’s very important to rest your meat for as long as you’ve cooked it – so another 7 minutes in this case. It won’t go cold, although you can cover it with some tin foil if it makes you feel happier. Resting allows the juices to return inside the cells – it’s not scooping up the juice that flows out (that you should add to your sauce), it’s making the meat itself juicier inside.

Then slice and serve it.

Traditionally this would be served with oven roasted potatoes (roasted in duck fat, obv.), seasonal vegetables (or just a little salad) and mushroom sauce (recipe later).


3 thoughts on “Miam, as they say in French

  1. Hi Chris!
    Just delicious!!Thank u!
    I have lost total track since I left facebook and have not even got your email address anymore.Dr Keyboard’s page does not work anymore…I was going to ask a guru’s advice on apple..etc..but don’t really want to do it on here.Could u give me a clue on how to contact u?
    many salaams Tina aka tbeanes from Spain


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