Whilst searching for something suitable as a subject for a dictation for my English-learning French students, I came across a new craze: Freakshakes.

They’re milkshakes gone bonkers; milk, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, chantilly, sweeties, doughnuts, apple pies, whatever, all piled into and onto your glass.

Miam, as they say in French.

Once my daughters saw them, they wanted them for their ‘gouter’, their afternoon tea.

So I made some chocolate sauce first. Just melt a bar of dark chocolate slowly in a clingfilm-covered bowl, then slowly stir in enough single cream to make it saucy but still quite thick – thick enough to stick to the inside and outside of your glass, as above.

Coating the top of the outside of the glass allows you to stick on Smarties, fraises tagada and whatever other sweeties you like.

Into the glass goes some cold milk and a couple of scoops of ice-cream, then a generous helping of chantilly cream on top.

Add a few more sweeties and a giant straw and you’re ready to go.IMG_4071

Smearing chocolate sauce around the inside of the glass gives an interesting effect and allows small children to keep busy scraping it off later with their sundae spoons.


Total production time is about 10 minutes, less if you get your act together and have everything ready to go at production time.

Give it a go. It’s as nice for grown ups as for kids.




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