Before I became a cook I was a journalist and writer, in which career I had the great and humbling help and advice of my agents Caroline and Doreen from Rupert Crew. Thanks again to you for helping set me on the writerly path.

Anthony Bourdain inspired many people to become cooks for the right wrong reasons, if you see what I mean. I was nudged further in the correct wrong direction by his book Kitchen Confidential which apparently stopped many would-be cooks in their tracks. Not me. I have also often used, referred to and stolen as if they were my own his recipes in the Les Halles Cookbook. Cheers!

La Cuisine de Référence by Michel MAINCET-MOREL was the set text cook book for my cooking classes. This is how to cook, properly, officially and in the approved Escoffier-heritage fashion. Without the benefit of an index too – indexes are for wimps – so you’re largely on your own rooting around in its 1040 pages. Many of the recipes in this book are stolen from based on recipes in La Cuisine de Référence which guided me through my year at cookery school. It’s still my go-to reference when I want to find out how to really cook something properly.

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