Quick tip: When you need three hands

When you’re making mayonnaise, or stirring crème anglaise, or holding a baby on your hip while working in the kitchen, you may wish you had an extra hand or two.

I learned this trick while trying to make mayonnaise in one of my first restaurant kitchens; the example you see here is me making crème patissière at home. The problem with both these recipes is that you need one hand to do the whisking, a second hand to pour the oil (for mayonnaise) or hot milk (for set custards) and a third one to hold the bowl into which you’re pouring stuff still.

So. Take a heavy saucepan and set it on a teatowel on your work surface. Line it with another teatowel. Jam the mixing bowl into the teatowel-lined saucepan so it stays put.

Now, you can pour with one hand and whisk with the other without the bowl moving around.

5 thoughts on “Quick tip: When you need three hands

  1. This new layout is awful. It’s one of the worst templates out there. Why do so many bloggers choose it? Please go back to the old one or pick another that doesn’t have one half of the screen totally static with all of the important stuff crammed into the other half. Madness!! 🙂


    • I haven’t actually changed anything, but I hate it too. I’m actively working to find a new one but as this is a free WP account the choice is limited. I hate in particular as you say that not only is half the page a picture, half the picture is covered with a headline! Any suggestions gratefully received.


    • I didn’t realize it was being foisted on unsuspecting bloggers. How rude. You have my sympathies. Well it’s an improvement, but the other one was truly awful. I won’t pipe up again… good luck finding something that works for you. Thanks for this particular tip, by the way. I do the tea towel bit but hadn’t made the leap to saucepan; much better 🙂


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